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Respect Effect - Benefits of Training

Why Train?

  • Federal and state courts and the EEOC require employers to make a "good faith effort" to prevent harassment and discrimination at work, as well as to correct problems when they arise. Courts view proper training as an essential part of an employer's EEOC compliance program.
  • Training is the most effective way to educate employees about workplace policies, rules and complaint procedures.
  • Under certain circumstances, training helps employers avoid liability by providing an affirmative defense to an allegation of harassment or discrimination.
  • Effective training improves employee morale and helps create a respectful workplace free from harassment and discrimination.

Effective Training

Courts considering employers' prevention efforts measure not just whether training is conducted, but ALSO how it is conducted.

Regular intervals, with refresher sessions

When an employer trains, the program must be effective, timely and specific to unique issues in the employer's workplace.

  • Designed around federal and state employment regulations, the Respect Effect program can be customized to meet the needs of each employer's unique situation.

  • Follow-up content and refresher sessions are part of the program implementation.

Clear documentation

An employer must be able to demonstrate appropriate content, who attended training and the length of training. It's best to document mastery learning by the participants.

  • Clear documentation is included in the Respect Effect program, including participation records and knowledge evaluation tools.

Of sufficient duration with qualified trainers

Courts have suggested that brief (under two hours) training sessions may not suffice and training must be delivered by a "qualified trainer."

  • Respect Effect provides complete training programs as well as "Train the Trainer" programs that allow employers to develop a comprehensive approach to training that best suits their needs.

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