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About Respect Effect

In 1998, the Supreme Court ruled that if an employer fails to adequately train its management and staff on how to avoid harassment and discrimination in the workplace, that employer may have no defense against accusations of such behavior.   Respect Effect was developed to help employers protect themselves against such claims by educating their managers and employees about why and how to build a respectful work environment. 

Respect Effect incorporates materials customized for employees and managers, including facilitators' guides, workbooks and PowerPoint slides for each program; a DVD of video vignettes; and a Tool Kit comprised of sample program announcements and introductory statements for the trainers, participants' acknowledgment forms, supplemental scenarios and quizzes; an evaluation, a participant post-test to demonstrate mastery learning and outlines for post-training follow up discussions. Although employers may engage Engelmeier & Umanah attorneys to facilitate training, Respect Effect provides all the tools employers need to deliver successful comprehensive training on their own.

There are many reasons that Respect Effect stands apart from its competitors - not only is the program interactive, skills-based and sensitive to current issues, it also provides programs tailored specifically for both managers and employees and is compliant with laws in all 50 states. Professional, comprehensive and timely, Respect Effect is simply best in class for helping employers meet their legal obligation to provide anti-harassment and discrimination training.

Respect Effect was designed by attorneys and professional trainers with extensive experience in employment law who bring their expertise and their outstanding training skills to the table to serve their clients. See our Professional Summaries to learn more about us.

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