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Respect Effect - Products & Services

The Respect Effect program is easily customized to address the specific challenges you face as an employer. In addition, the delivery method can be adjusted to best suit your needs, with pricing adjusted accordingly.

Levels of Service

  • Product only - Buy the product and run the program completely on your own, with only minimal assistance from us

  • Some Assistance - Use one of our attorneys or trainers to provide assistance and guidance as needed

  • "Train the Trainer" - Send your leaders or staff trainers to learn how to conduct the programs themselves

  • Full Service - Our attorneys or trainers can run the entire program for you

Product Components

The components of the Respect Effect program are designed to adapt to the specific needs of your organization, and to your training audience (managers vs. employees). The complete package provides everything you need to run a successful training program, including participant and facilitator materials, announcement and follow-up materials, tips and supplemental information on specific issues. Components include:

  • Employee Workbook: Objectives, exercises and tools designed specifically to help employees understand the importance of respect in the workplace, and how they can contribute to a more healthy environment for everyone.

  • Manager Workbook: Objectives, exercises and tools to help managers create a respectful work environment that improves employee morale and minimizes the risk of exposure to liability.

  • DVD-based vignettes that focus on the history of discrimination and real-life scenarios to be used during the program.

  • A CD-ROM containing PowerPoint presentations used in the program, as well as PDF's of the PowerPoint slides, the Workbooks, and the Tool Kit materials.

  • Facilitator Guide for Employee Training: Provides step-by-step instructions, timelines and suggestions on how to optimize program materials and training sessions, including detailed scripts and prompts.

  • Facilitator Guide for Manager Training: Includes all the contents of the facilitator guide for employee training, geared toward management participants. Provides in-depth direction about how managers develop skills to avoid and address workplace challenges.

  • Tool Kit: Sample program announcements, facilitator scripts, tips on dealing with "hecklers," supplemental discussion questions, post-tests, evaluation forms, training acknowledgment form, discussion outlines for follow-up workshops in one month, three months, and six months after training.

Additional Options

  • You may supplement the regular program easily by utilizing the additional training materials provided in the program. If you wish to broaden your coverage of a particular issue, such as age discrimination or bias or sexual orientation discrimination, there is a menu of easy-to-use materials available.

  • Employers may also tailor the graphics to mirror their branding materials, such as logos, taglines, or other corporate identifiers unique to their business.

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