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Respect Effect - Client Testimonials

Vince Therrien
Manager, Corporate Training and Development
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

We introduced Respect Effect to our management team in 2006 and have continued to require this program for all management since.   Participants have consistently rated the program highly.   They indicate the high relevance of the material to their jobs as leaders in the company.  They appreciate the dialogue that they’re able to have with their peers.  They also express their appreciation for the great level of engagement during the sessions.

As a training professional, I appreciate the combination of well-produced videos, realistic role-plays, periodic quizzes, and intriguing legal case references.  These not only make for an interesting and high-energy session, but they speak to the many different ways that people prefer to learn.  

This program addresses not only sexual harassment, but other forms of harassment and discrimination.   The opening segment, a meaningful video that gives a history of anti-discrimination law, also serves as an inspiring piece for people to value diversity, an important value for our company.

The curriculum makes convenient room to weave in our specific anti-harassment polices – to assure that any additional company-specific points not highlighted in the standard curriculum can be emphasized.   The participant manual serves as a helpful post-program reference piece.  The facilitator manual is well-written with clear step-by-step instructions on how to best deliver the program.

Overall this program not only serves to satisfy our legal requirements for training on these issues, but it helps us to motivate and inspire our leadership to value diversity and create a respectful environment for our employees.