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Respect Effect - Client Testimonial

Respect Effect Training Testimonial
Cheryl Sanmartin
Officer of Employee Relations
The ALARIS Group, Inc. 

Respect Effect was initially presented to ALARIS owners and managers by Respect Effect attorney trainers, including Sheila Engelmeier. The format is inclusive of power point slides, short videos, commanding historical perspectives, lectures, and interactive large and small group discussions as well as role plays. Each participant was provided with a well written manual that corresponded to the training. The manual, designed to be kept by the participants and used for future reference, is a valuable resource.

The opportunity for the presenters to interact with our staff in role plays about real life HR issues was especially meaningful while still being entertaining. Our managers felt this "hands on" approach to learning was especially effective. Even though we had an aggressive agenda, the time flew by. The process never became boring because of the many different learning tools utilized.

A follow-up session several weeks after the training was also especially helpful. Our managers were able to utilize the information  presented and then return to the follow up workshop with examples of how the  training had benefited them. Questions were answered and additional information was provided. Countless times since then, individual managers have worked effectively to resolve workplace challenges. The solutions utilized by the managers of ten came directly out of the materials from the initial  training session. In my opinion, the training has made our managers much more aware, responsive and vigilant. It was superb!

The training tools are easy to follow and my HR Assistant and I have now used them to train the rest of our supervisors and employees. Respect Effect grabs the attention of the audience and draws them in keeping them engaged in the learning process. As the Officer of Employee Relations, I am particularly grateful for this learning platform which allows me to teach critical HR data that is so significant to the over-all success of our business.